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    本站杭州消息 由南非诗人罗伯特·贝洛尔德(ROBERT BEROLD)创办的英文诗刊《子鼠》(MOUSE)第二期于近日推出,并在杭州枫林晚书店举行了首发式和朗诵会,来自美国、意大利、委内瑞拉等国的爱诗者和浙江大学师生等约三十人参加了朗诵会。新的一期《子鼠》收入浙江大学学生和自由来稿者创作的34首英文诗和中文诗,也包括了罗伯特·贝洛尔德、食指和蔡天新等诗人的诗歌。其中,食指的代表作《相信未来》是首次被翻译成英文。



Believe in the Future
By Shi Zhi

When cobwebs relentlessly clog my stove
When its dying smoke sighs for poverty
I will stubbornly dig out the disappointing ash
And write with beautiful snowflakes: Believe in the Future
When my overripe grapes melt into late autumn dew
When my fresh flower lies in another"s arms
I will stubbornly write on the bleak earth
With a dry frozen vine: Believe in the Future
I point to the waves billowing in the distance
I want to be the sea that holds the sun in its palm
Take hold of the beautiful warm pen of the dawn
And write with a child-like hand: Believe in the Future
The reason why I believe so resolutely in the future is:
I believe in the eyes of the people of the future
Their eyelashes that can brush away the ash of history
Their pupils that can see through the texts of time
It doesn"t matter whether people shed contrite tears
For our rotten flesh, or our hesitancy, or the bitterness of our failure
Whether they view us with sneers or deep-felt sympathy
Or scornful smiles or pungent satire
I firmly believe that people will judge our spines
And our endless explorations, losses, failures and successes
With an enthusiastic, objective and fair evaluation
Yes, I await their judgement anxiously
Friends, please let us believe in the future
Believe in our unbending striving
Believe in our youth that can conquer death
Believe in the Future: believe in Life.


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